Slumber Treasures Series Precious Pillow


Feel the difference and experience your youth all over again – with Natural Health Precious Pillow!
[Highly Recommended For Side Sleepers]

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Revolutionary Patented Technology & Highly Recommended By Medical Practitioners Worldwide

Sleep Matters

A good night’s sleep is crucial for good health. Getting adequate rest for your body is vital towards promoting “beneficial” hormones – for essential growth, healing of wounds and injuries or battling that flu that won’t go away. When our body is in a complete state of rest, stress hormones will diminish significantly. Instead, body-immune functions are reinforced and healing functions are restored. Conversely, if the night has been spent tossing and turning in bed, then it will only be natural to feel “drained”, exhausted or completely “under the weather” the next morning.

Feel the difference and experience your youth all over again – with Natural Health Precious Pillow!

Natural Health Precious Pillow is a hollow, spherical pillow specially-fitted with an exquisite blend of pearls (each possessing its own unique beneficial property) carefully selected according to the specific type of positive qualities they offer. Apart from offering users maximum comfort, Natural Health Precious Pillows also provide superb air circulation, and fluidity. Its unique ergonomic design enables pillow to conform to body contours, allowing the head to nestle naturally (during instances of turning over in bed, pillow adjusts itself smoothly to maintain its height and keep its shape) and induces sleep by providing optimal support for the head, neck and shoulders.

Natural Health Precious Pillows helps alleviate sleep-related conditions which include snoring, muscle tension, headaches, neck and back pain and blood circulation (especially to the brain). Users of Natural Health Precious Pillows will also experience a significant boost in their attention and concentration spans while limiting potential occurrences of confusion, depression, anxiety and dizziness.